Sail Without Boundaries


About Us

Founded in 1973 by Nick Hake, Seaward sailboats have been built for more than 40 years and remain at the forefront of the industry.  Seaward was created on the principles of solid construction melded to modern design and technology, strong customer relationships and innovation that continually betters the sailing and boat owning experience.

Today, the Seawards are being built in Largo, Florida at the Island Packet Yacht facility. The factory team consists of a group of committed craftsmen with an average of 24 years of service per employee. We are extremely proud of the boats we build and believe they are the best that money can buy.

Fundamental to the success of the Seawards is the retracting keel system. Our keels enable our boats to set very high standards in areas of sea keeping, sailing comfort and windward performance. They offer the extreme versatility of being able to sail impressively in big winds and rough water. Most impressively, they are able to sail over, rather than around, areas of shallow water. With keels tucked all the way up, our boats can put their bows on a quiet beach and you can go ashore without a dinghy.

Our keels are high aspect fins with cast lead bulbs at their bottom ends. If they were immobile, like the keels on most other boats, they would be the perfect keel for high winds and deep, rough water. They allow our boats to go to weather spectacularly while keeping heel to a minimum. They are shaped to provide lift without undue drag. With the ballast weight concentrated low in the lead bulb, they are inspire extreme confidence and can withstand hard groundings without damage.

Because the keels lift, our boats are not just great in big wind and waves. They’re great everywhere… in the serene shallows, in the too-shallow slip and at the launch ramp on a trailer. Our moving keels adjust vertically to be at their best in every sailing circumstance.

An interesting advantage of our lifting keel and rudder is boat speed gained by reducing the boat’s draft (and drag) when keel depth is not required for stability or upwind performance. Most fixed keel boats have draft that is too deep for ninety percent of the sailing they do. Their penalty is loss of speed. On long passages, dragging too much keel around can add hours to a trip.

Our keels are lifted by a 12 volt electric winch, and adjusted from the cockpit. Every part of our keel system is overbuilt and designed to be easily and economically owner maintained.

Our credo at Seaward Yachts is Sail Without Boundaries. With all the benefits and none of the constraints of deep draft, that’s precisely what sailing a Seaward Yacht is about.

Obviously, there’s much more to the Seaward Story and we are always looking for an opportunity to share it so give us a call and let’s talk boats!