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The Island Packet First

The IP First is a perfect sailboat for new sailors and extremely capable for anyone looking for a great, speedy day sailor. The hull is perfectly designed for maximum stability. With the board down it is 40 inches, and with its swing centerboard and rudder up, the draft of the boat is a skinny four inches!


With the swing centerboard you can sail into the shallowest places without the hassle of having to pull up a dagger board. Measuring an impressive 17 feet in length with a beam of 5 feet, and weighing under 250 pounds, she is a worthy adversary in any race!


The oversized cockpit makes it very comfortable for two full-size adults to sail, and with its simple lateen rig, she is ready to sail in minutes.


Built with the American pride and craftsmanship of Island Packet, this is a boat that will turn heads wherever you take her!

The retail price is $7,800, including the trailer. But the first ten buyers can own the IP First for $6,800 – a $1,000 discount! Call or email us at 317-450-3202 or (Offer ends Aug 15)

Island Packet’s America Series 40.

Hake Marine is excited to announce the launch of the new Island Packet America Series. The IP 40 AS will be the first model to launch. This yacht delivers a modern look, with two helm stations and a large foredeck. The interior is open and spacious, with two luxurious staterooms and two full size heads.


Competitive in price with European style boats, the IP 40 AS will maintain the Island Packet craftsmanship and quality and   is 100% made in America.

Hake will be taking pre-orders and plans to launch the new IP 40 at the 2017 Annapolis Sailboat Show. The base price is $399,000, but for the first five orders received by August 15, we will offer this yacht at $349,000.

317-450-3202 or

 Americaseriesinteriorl (3)


Preliminary Specs on IP 40 AS

LWL 35

LOA 40

Beam 12’ 4”

Hull speed 7.9

Draft 4’11”

17,900 lbs. displacement

6300 lbs. ballast


We welcome your feedback!

Just Arrived: An Award-Winning Eco-Conscious Cruiser with Pure Class Distinction

Imagine relaxing into a tranquil state with a gentle breeze while you revel in the peaceful sounds of nature as water gently laps against the hull. Now imagine that you’re aboard a vessel that only requires minimal maintenance, comfortably seats up to 12 people, and is so stable that it turns on a dime – without sails or a fuel-driven engine.

Introducing the Island Packet L24e family launch – e for electric, and the enjoyment it will bring to your family and friends.

Entertain with class and distinction on this eco-conscious cruiser, that has all the comfort and conveniences like no other in its class. This open cockpit layout offers a multitude of amenities from its private pop-up marine head, freshwater sink and shower, integrated swim transom with a retractable ladder, surround seating for 12, loads of storage compartments and popular options like a refrigerator drawer, 4 speaker Bluetooth stereo, GPS chart plotter, your color choice of mold-resistant Silvertex cushions, moveable cup holders, unique Infinity Fabric teak and holly or bamboo marine floor matting, to showcase a few. It’s a launch designed with a female touch by Nancy Frainetti – with her customers’ comfort in mind…


Our most popular option is our signature remote control hardtop canopy that lowers to become a cockpit cover.

This canopy provides shade for its passengers, but afterwards, privacy and protection by simply the push of a button. Nothing can be more rewarding after a full day on the water than to lower this canopy and realize your post cruise chores are done.




Another unique component of the L24e is its 48 volt Piktronik 6.5 or 10 kW steerable pod drive. This pod’s stainless steel housing and saltwater tolerance, ideally positioned and protected behind the keel, provides excellent maneuverability and tracking. And its simplicity eliminates traditional propulsion equipment – no belts, no sheaves, no shaft, no stuffing box and no rudders…



 The Island Packet L24e comes standard with American-made Lithionics lithium battery packs, the safest and most reliable marine source for all day cruising.  Or, consider adding our custom solar packages for charging on-the-go and take advantage of the 30% tax incentive on the purchase price of your batteries and solar cells.

However, if you’re not keen on the ever-growing attraction to electric propulsion, no worries, we have you covered with our Island Packet L24d, a fuel efficient 14 or 27hp Yanmar V-drive, coupled with a bow thruster (to almost mimic the turning radius of the electric steerable pod)  with the exact same comfort and features this launch series has to offer.



The L24d and the L24e are available with your choice of single, double bimini or the remote control canopy along with half and full Strataglass enclosures, dodger, Sunbrella helm, table or full canvas cockpit cover.

And coming soon… the Island Packet L24o, the outboard model, allows you to select your favorite propulsion while enjoying this new picnic boat styling with your family and friends, or perhaps a romantic cruise for two.

Want to take a closer look? Contact Nancy Frainetti at 727-430-0192 today and schedule your own personal sea trial.



Designer and global distributor, Nancy Frainetti, is an 18-year veteran in the electric propulsion industry. Her focus and determination was to develop a more technically advanced, superior quality launch in today’s marketplace, and has now done so with Island Packet and Hake Marine.

In October, 2015, Nancy and her sister Paula were determined to prove that the IP L24 electric with solar-assist was a viable boating alternative, so they combined a long distance sea trial with a charity fundraiser. Together, the sisters set-off on their maiden 360-mile voyage from Miami Beach to Jacksonville to benefit breast cancer. Their 8.5 day electric/solar cruise was not only highly successful, but also raised $10,000 for Jacksonville’s -The Donna Foundation. The money went towards providing financial assistance to breast cancer patients, so they could focus on becoming survivors.


And on April, 29th, 2016 Nancy’s dealership, The Electric Marina was nominated and awarded Tampa Bay’s Sustainability Business award for the development of the Island Packet L24e with solar-assist, in addition to The Electric Marina’s sustainable business practices and charitable contributions.



I’m grateful and honored to be recognized with an award that truly spotlights my dedication and persistence in the electric propulsion business since 1998. I’ve seen first-hand the positive transformation on the technical side, along with substantial increases in consumer interest.

There’s an electric and hybrid paradigm shift that has made a dramatic impact on customers searching for safe, low maintenance and relaxing ways to spend quality time with family and friends and I’m very proud to be an instrumental part of this new boating concept.”

I sincerely encourage you to experience these tasteful and value-filled L24 launch models when considering your next entertainment boat. Along with my promise that you’ll always be smiling as you spend more time on the water and less prep and maintenance in getting there!”  

            ~ Nancy Frainetti 


Protect Your New Yacht with the Hake Premium Care Plan

No cost to you for the first 24 months!

One of the obvious concerns that new yacht owners have are the ongoing maintenance responsibilities. You want to protect your yacht’s value and prevent any issues going forward that might take the wind out of your sails.

Problem solved.

Spend more time using your boat and less time maintaining it by taking advantage of the Hake Premium Care Plan. We’ll seek out the best local representative in your area to take care of your boat for the first 24 months, at no cost to you! We’ll do the maintenance so you don’t have to waste a precious moment of enjoying your new yacht.


The Hake Premium Care Plan includes…

  • Boat Detailing
Hake Marine will ensure that best practices are met for cleaning your boat once per month. If berthed in seawater, bottom cleaning will also be provided every 30 days.
  • Preventive Maintenance

Each month, Hake Marine will check all systems and provide preventive maintenance as needed:

  • Oil changes
  • Transmission fluid
  • Air filters and replace if needed
  • All fluids, add or replace as needed
  • Fuel filters, change if needed
  • Fuel water separator
  • All hoses and clamps and fittings
  • Shaft seal for seepage
  • Batteries
  • Service all running and standing rigging
  • Service deck hardware, as needed
  • Plumbing and electrical systems

Call for a complete checklist.


The scope of service defined in the Hake Premium Care Plan agreement may differ from this overview.




Just a year after Seaward Yachts entered into an agreement with Island Packet Yachts for the contract building of their unique retractable keel sailboats, Hake Marine, parent company of Seaward, has acquired both the assets of Island Packet and Blue Jacket Yachts. All three brands are being built side-by-side in the former Island Packet shipyard in Largo, Florida, by many experienced, seasoned former Island Packet craftsmen.

“When we met with the staff at Island Packet, I was moved by the loyalty and longevity of the team,” said Jessica Lynch, Director of Hake Marine. “Some of them have been with the company for more than 30 years, bringing with them an enormous amount of talent and dedication for fine American craftsmanship”, she said. “Our plan is to further develop each brand with new designs, streamline manufacturing processes, and organize for efficient and effective boat production.”


Hake Marine remains committed to the quality of design and construction that owners have experienced with Island Packet, Blue Jacket and Seaward built boats.

The company plans to offer all three sailboat brands through select dealers, along with factory direct sales.

To jumpstart the new company, Hake is providing $10,000- $20,000 in free options for any new boat ordered before the end of May.


To inquire about one of our great sailboats or for more information, contact Jessica Lynch, 317-450-3202 or jessica.lynch@seawardyachts.comIP485A

Insider Insights

Q & A  With Traditional Watercraft Inc.

Q. (Jessica Lynch, Seaward Yachts) We are excited to have the staff at Island Packet building our Seaward models.  What changes can customers expect from the new build processes?

A.(Bill Bolin, Traditional Watercraft Inc.) Jessica, the Seaward models remain unique in the industry and their unique and popular design features and clever systems require little change on our part.  Our approach will be to better document the overall construction, streamline assembly and reengineer fiberglass laminate schedules to provide evolutionary improvements to Seaward product, and to ensure every model is NMMA Certified and meets applicable ABYC standards (American Boat and Yacht Council).  Ultimately, our efforts will bring Seawards into compliance with CE requirements, which will allow for export into the EU.  These CE requirements were created using standards created by the ISO and are currently the most exhaustive and complete in the world.  We are proud to have been the first sailboat builder in the United States to be certified under these standards (back in1996!) and for Bob Johnson, President of IPY, to have been the sole US sailboat industry’s representative in the 10 year process to create these ISO standards.

Q.You mention laminate schedules.  Will you change the materials or weight of the models?

A. Our engineering staff looked carefully at the fiberglass laminates on each model and designed a laminate schedule that completely eliminates the prior use of chopper gun spray fiberglass application and employs our use of hand laminated, pressure fed resin application with proprietary roller application systems using directional (bi-axial and tri-axial) knitted cloths for greater consistency of product, optimized weight and strength, and significantly lower environmental impact from the molding process.  We are focused on engineering every model’s laminates to conform to established industry standards, both to ensure structural safety and to optimize sailing performance.

Q. I know you proposed and are using a special lamination process for the Seaward 46.  What is this technology and how will it be applied?

A. As the Seaward flagship, the 46 qualifies for some special attention.  For several years we have been using a state of the art lamination technology called “resin infusion” and the 46RK hull will benefit from this process, resulting in a thoroughly engineered, advanced hull laminate.  Essentially, once the gel and skin coat are applied into the hull mold, the rest of the laminate, including directional glass and carbon fiber cloths and inorganic Divinycell® coring material, is all placed in the mold in their designated areas and sequence without any resin.  Weights, fiber orientations, and all necessary reinforcement points are easily measured and verified before committing to the final resin infusion stage.  The entire mold, and in our case including the keel trunk as an integral part of the hull, is then wrapped in a sealed plastic bag and evacuated of air by a vacuum pump which compresses all materials together and holds them firmly against the mold’s surface, ready for the infusion of resin.  Once the integrity of the seal is confirmed, catalyzed vinylester resin is introduced through a series of supply lines along the centerline of the hull while vacuum pickup lines along the gunwales “pull” the resin completely through the laminate forming a finished part.  The actual resin infusion stage takes less than one hour to completely saturate all the structural laminate materials and cure into a single composite structure, after which it is ready to be removed from the mold for the assembly process.

Q. When will we start seeing these new Island Packet built Seawards?

A. The first IP-built 26RK will be on display at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis in October.  Our first 46 will ship later this fall to a private buyer and the first 32 may be seen at a winter boat show.  More will follow in quicker succession and by winter, all new Seaward product will be from our facilities here in Largo, FL.

Seaward customers- you always have your questions answered by emailing

“We would not have been able to go to half the spots we visited without the shoal draft of our 32 RK.”

wgoodbye arch

By Chris and Jennifer Phillips – Tucson, AZ

For two years, their Seaward 32RK, Wave Goodbye lay in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, almost 350 miles from their home in Tucson, Arizona. Finally, with enough vacation time accumulated to take some extended time off, Chris and Jennifer Phillips decided to make the passage they had dreamed of for so long… sail across the Sea of Cortez to Baja, California.

Along with Katherine, their 5-year-old daughter in tow, they visited the beautiful beaches of Bahia Concepcion and anchored in the mouth of the Mulege River. “The calm waters of the Mulege River offered us great shelter with a depth of 4’ at the entrance. As we entered, we got a call from another sailor warning us that the water was shallow at just 4’. They could not believe it when we told them we were good to 2’.”

But the favorite part of their trip was the beautiful Caribbean-like beaches and turquoise waters of Bahia Concepcion. This 20 mile long, 2-mile wide bay is legendary for its calm beauty and remoteness. “And being able to sail right up to the beach was amazing. We crossed some spots that were 2’ deep on the way there.”


Why did the Phillips family choose a Seaward 32RK? Chris’s answers came easily:

  • Trailer-ability
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • The shoal draft/Lifting Keel

“We have found that as part-time vacation sailors, it’s really nice to be able to pull the boat out of the water or launch whenever we want, using the trailer. We can do this very quickly now, just my wife and I. The boat is in dry storage in Mexico near a marina where we can leave it mast-up when we are not using it, which costs us $75/month. There is a lot of extra cost and maintenance when you keep a boat in the water all the time, so this really fits well with our budget and sailing goals and offers us a lot of flexibility.


Ask us about test sailing a Seaward and sail over, rather than around the shallows. Our keels adjust vertically, so sailing is at its best in just about every condition. Seawards are not only great in big wind and waves – but also in serene shallows, the too-shallow slip, and at the launch ramp on a trailer. Just ask Chris Phillips.


Along With Alligator Mascots, Seaward 32 RK Sails Seamlessly


Seaward’s Operations Manager, Jeff Mack, had always been curious about the capabilities and comfort factor of sailing a Seaward through Florida’s Lake Okeechobee Waterway. That curiosity proved irresistible when a Seaward 32 RK needed to be delivered to Florida’s west coast. So he set sail from the former Seaward plant in Stuart on May 15, taking along crewmember Mark Hayden – a long-time friend and former Coast Guard member, and set a westerly course through the waterway.


Day 1:

We took the south fork from Stuart to the St. Lucie River, all the way down to the Okeechobee Canal.

If you average 5-6 knots, you can make it to the west side of Lake Okeechobee in one day. We navigated through multiple bridges and finally made it to the dreaded Railroad Bridge before Port Mayaca. The bridge is 49’ tall, but with a 45’ mast height to the waterline, the Seaward 32 slipped seamlessly through.

There are two routes you can take to the Caloosahatchee Canal. We chose Route One, which took us straight across Lake Okeechobee. We started off under a radiant blue sky, but by afternoon, thunderstorms were rolling in across the lake. There were 3’ waves, and we found ourselves paying more attention to the storm than our chart plotter. We suddenly found ourselves off course as we entered 4’ shallows and in danger of running aground, since we had the keel all the way down. We immediately retracted the keel to a draft of 3’ and made it to Liberty Point on the Southwest side of Lake Okeechobee, stopping to anchor for the night.


Day 2:

Another brilliant sunrise greeted us at the crack of dawn. While we sipped our morning coffee, we began to see multiple alligators milling about our boat. They appeared to be curious as to what this big object was doing in their canal. Mark and I were shocked at how many alligators we saw, and stopped counting after 20, when we decided to take a rain check on our morning swim.


We made it to through the Moore Haven lock into the Caloosahatchee Canal through two more locks. After leaving the last lock and coming into Ft. Myers, there are shallow waters around 3’. With the Seaward, however, we were able to lift our keel and finally made it to the eastern side of Ft. Myers and stayed at the Ft. Myers Yacht Basin. We decided God was on our side just as we made it into the marina, as a huge lightening storm rolled in with 50-knot wind gusts. This was perfect place to stop, as we were right in downtown Ft. Myers. We celebrated with a steak and a drink at Firestone after the storm subsided.

Day 3:

With fair 8-knot winds the next morning, it was time to raise our self-tacking jib and mainsail. We sailed south, down into the Caloosahatchee River to San Carlos Bay. As we sailed around Sanibel Island to the Gulf of Mexico, we were glad to have our retractable keel, because we were able to reduce our trip to the Gulf by a half hour. Most sailboats have to stay within the marked channel, but we were able to travel across the sandbars with ease.

Day 4:

On Day 4, we sailed in the Gulf to the Venice inlet. Luckily, the end of our trip delivered great sailing weather, with winds of 10-15 knots. We sailed a beam reach all the way to the inlet. At times, we were able to trim our keel, creating less drag and enabling us to sail well over 8 knots. We stopped in Venice for the night. When we woke up early the next day, we sailed back out of the inlet to Clearwater. Reaching our final destination brought us both an overwhelming sense of relief and accomplishment.

Passage Notes:

One item that was particularly useful to have on board was the cockpit microphone. It was helpful to have a remote cockpit mic to communicate with the drawbridge and the lock tenders. The bridges are on channel 9 and the locks are on channel 13. We didn’t have to leave the helm to communicate with anyone, which made our trip smoother.

Sleeping aboard the Seaward 32 RK was quite comfortable for the two of us. I stayed in the port side quarter berth and Mark stayed in the stateroom. I have stayed on the 32 multiple times, and personally like sleeping best in the salon area where the table converts to another comfortable berth.

We only used one tank of fuel from Stuart to Sanibel Island, demonstrating the efficiency of the Yanmar 3YM30 29HP.


For a limited time, Seaward is offering a free remote cockpit microphone

if you order your boat before July 1 – a $500 value.

Contact us, complete the form,

and we’ll happily answer any questions about Seaward and this special offer.

If you order a new boat before July 1 – a $500 value.


The Raymarine A46051 full function Second Station Microphone is a great update for Ray55 and Ray218 VHF radios and adds full remote control features to them. It enables full function radio control and intercom capability from a remote station on board. This handset features dual channel display (2UP mode) that displays active channel and stand by channel simultaneously. The A46051 is equipped with extra large dot matrix LCD and a DSC distress key that transmits GPS position and digital mayday. Other features include quick access 16/9 key, volume, squelch and favorite channel soft keys. A46051 Features:

  • Second Station Microphone
  • Part Number: A46051
  • Extra Large Dot Matrix LCD
  • Full Access to Ray218’s Features & Functions
  • Dual Channel Display (2UP Mode)
  • Speaker Microphone Equipped
  • Programmable Favorite Channel Soft Keys (1UP Mode)
  • Quick Access 16/9 Key
  • Submersible (IPX7 Standard)
  • Full Duplex Intercom Capabilities
  • DSC Distress Key

Contact us for more information on how you can get this FREE Raymarine Microphone

Seaward Yachts is On the Move and Making Waves


For over 35 years, Seaward Yachts has been at the forefront of the industry bringing innovation and quality sailboats to its customers. As many loyal Seaward fans know, the RK series has changed the way we sail. With its retractable keel technology, we’ve introduced the idea of sailing without boundaries. Whether you want to bring your boat close to shore or sail through deep and rough waters, our yacht has proven to excel in performance, quality, and convenience.

Seaward has learned that it is only after customers test sail our yachts do they truly understand the RK significance, and it becomes a passion to be an owner. We continue to invest in the brand, the quality of our models, and new innovation.

Seaward Yachts has been looking for a new home to expand its business, and establish a nationwide dealer network to tell the Seaward story to more customers in more areas.

Ted Gelov, owner of Seaward Yachts, and Bob Johnson, founder and owner of Traditional Watercraft Inc. (TWI) maker of Island Packet and Blue Jacket Yachts, saw an opportunity to consolidate production that allows for Seaward to focus on building new models and to move from a direct sales model to dealerships.

Enter Island Packet Yachts (Traditional Watercraft, Inc.) with a 9-acre, 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Largo, Florida, with extra capacity to grow.  Knowing that Island Packet is legendary for its fine build qualities and high standards, Ted wanted a partner who would carry on Seaward’s reputation for innovation, quality, and performance. Working together, they formed an agreement that would allow for an expanded model offering of Seaward Yachts.

“I am excited to enter into this relationship with Traditional Watercraft, Inc.,” said Ted Gelov in a press release earlier this week. “Bob Johnson’s reputation for building quality sailboats is unmatched in the industry, and we are confident that the tradition of quality and innovation that Seaward has maintained for over 35 years will continue to be enhanced by the high standards at Island Packet,” he said. TWI is considered one of the world’s premiere boat builders. Its success story and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities were featured in Ferenc Mate’s book, World’s Best Sailboats, Volume II.

In addition, Seaward will be moving from a factory-direct sales, distribution, and support model to a global dealer network. Customers will be able to take a trip to their local dealership to see or test sail a Seaward yacht. Nick Hake, founder and designer of Seaward, will continue in his role designing the new 19RK and a 40RK, in addition to Seaward’s current models – the 26RK, 32RK and flagship 46RK.

“We are delighted about the new partnership with Seaward Yachts and their range of retractable keel sailboats,” said Bill Bolin, long time VP of TWI. “These unique vessels have a loyal fan base and are well respected for their exceptional performance, shallow water capabilities and fine build qualities. We hope to continue those traditions and enhance both customer service and dealer support functions through our award-winning organization.”

Bill Bolin aboard a Seaward Yacht 26RK

Key personnel from Seaward, together with TWI staff, will be setting up a new dealership network to expand the presence of Seaward models throughout the U.S. and North America before turning their sights on the international market.  Any questions can be answered at