“We would not have been able to go to half the spots we visited without the shoal draft of our 32 RK.”

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By Chris and Jennifer Phillips – Tucson, AZ

For two years, their Seaward 32RK, Wave Goodbye lay in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, almost 350 miles from their home in Tucson, Arizona. Finally, with enough vacation time accumulated to take some extended time off, Chris and Jennifer Phillips decided to make the passage they had dreamed of for so long… sail across the Sea of Cortez to Baja, California.

Along with Katherine, their 5-year-old daughter in tow, they visited the beautiful beaches of Bahia Concepcion and anchored in the mouth of the Mulege River. “The calm waters of the Mulege River offered us great shelter with a depth of 4’ at the entrance. As we entered, we got a call from another sailor warning us that the water was shallow at just 4’. They could not believe it when we told them we were good to 2’.”

But the favorite part of their trip was the beautiful Caribbean-like beaches and turquoise waters of Bahia Concepcion. This 20 mile long, 2-mile wide bay is legendary for its calm beauty and remoteness. “And being able to sail right up to the beach was amazing. We crossed some spots that were 2’ deep on the way there.”


Why did the Phillips family choose a Seaward 32RK? Chris’s answers came easily:

  • Trailer-ability
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • The shoal draft/Lifting Keel

“We have found that as part-time vacation sailors, it’s really nice to be able to pull the boat out of the water or launch whenever we want, using the trailer. We can do this very quickly now, just my wife and I. The boat is in dry storage in Mexico near a marina where we can leave it mast-up when we are not using it, which costs us $75/month. There is a lot of extra cost and maintenance when you keep a boat in the water all the time, so this really fits well with our budget and sailing goals and offers us a lot of flexibility.


Ask us about test sailing a Seaward and sail over, rather than around the shallows. Our keels adjust vertically, so sailing is at its best in just about every condition. Seawards are not only great in big wind and waves – but also in serene shallows, the too-shallow slip, and at the launch ramp on a trailer. Just ask Chris Phillips.


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